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“Non-random” Links

Curated by Jim Macak

Presented here are a few choice links to other websites. Please note that this page is not an attempt to provide an exhaustive list of Mac or computer-oriented links. In fact, we try to be very selective about the links that appear here. This “‘Non-random’ Links” page seeks to serve two purposes:

Thus, the following sections comprise links to hardware sites that seem to have a good “reputation,” software sites that provide comprehensive listings or vendor sites of “must-have” and/or popular applications and utilities, news sites that are well-maintained and up-to-date, and miscellaneous Mac sites that are of high quality and/or utility.

The purposeful screening of website links for this page includes the avoidance of sites that engage in the use of multiple web “tags” and “trackers.” This sort of software can be embedded in websites and is generally hidden from the users of the site. Such covert software allows the website to surreptitiously collect the user’s web browsing activity and hence is a user privacy concern.

The sites that appear on this page do not seem to unduly invade or compromise the privacy of their users.

Links tagged with the  NEW  flag indicate the more recent additions to this page. Links with the   A+   flag denote sites that are especially notable and deserving of your attention.

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